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Find Your "Play"

I hope that at some point in your journey you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole and obsessing over tiny details in voice over. Whether it be your mic set up, or how sound comes out of your body, to where in the heck am I going to find that next gig! Your obsession is just your passion in play. And you never know what trusty Google is going to dig up.

My passion, as an actor and producer, I am constantly listening to other's voice over demos. I want to know who gets booked for what and how others get in the inbox of casting directors. What does it take?! There is a laundry list of actors I look up to and recently, I got the chance to sit in a virtual room with one of them. My fabulous agent was able to get me in a small webinar setting with GVAA CEO David Rosenthal. Rosenthal is an actor, director, casting director and overall genius in our world of voices. If you aren't familiar, well, you aren't listening closely enough. (Past clients include Sprint and Pizza Hut PLUS over 70 videos games just to name a few...)

In this private webinar/coaching session, we got to submit auditions a week earlier and get live coaching on our work! The big take away here for me was that we live in a world of pretend. If you get on the mic and work, it's easy for others to judge your work. But if you get on the mic and play, no one can judge your playtime.

So, this is a friendly reminder, to find your joy. The words on the page are only the door to the new world you are going to play in.

"It's better to fail spectacularly than to be safe." -David Rosenthal

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