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Labeling MATTERS!

Navigating the business side of your voice over business isn't easy. Plus, you probably didn't want to think about how to manage a business when you signed up for this! Because let's face it, creating characters and reading fascinating scripts and commercials is what you really want to do, not sit behind a desk dealing with marketing, emails and invoice tracking.

Somehow, you are persevering through the small part of this job that is less than appealing. But, did you know, you may be hurting yourself with something as simple as how you label your files or email address?

I've had clients ask me for more voices for big projects that are on the horizon. I've reached out to my arsenal of friends to submit custom auditions, only to have them return files labeled "Sample" or "XYZ Audition." Think about where that file ends up. You send the file to me, and then I forward that file to the client, who then forwards it to their team. Suddenly, three forwarded email chains later and no one knows who did this wonderful audition and how to get a hold of them to get working! So put your name on EVERYTHING! Even something as simple as "Joe Smith-XYZ Audition." Then the client knows who you are, and when they respond, you'll remember what audition you read.

Now, if specific instructions were given as to how to label and return a file, follow those directions. Always! Many voice actors have an issue just taking directions. Think about it: if you can't follow simple directions like how to label a file, how will you be at taking directions during a recording session? But, if no specific directions exist, your name and the project is the minimum.

What about slating? I'll let Gravy For The Brain cover this in more detail.

Your email labeling may also be hindering your rate of return as well. Upgrading something as simple as the email address or domain you use could significantly improve how potential clients view you and your work. Mark Scott does a great job of breaking this down:

So put your name on everything and remember, stay hydrated!

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